Haiku-a-day: day 38 of 365




Tiny drops of ice
Condensed vapour floating high
Duvet of cloud cover

Inspiration… I live in the UK … clouds aren’t exactly a rarity 🙂

As a kid, I used to love watching clouds and seeing imaginary monsters form from the fluffy whiteness. Despite the fact that they produce copious rain showers, the shapes and forms still fascinate me.

About Sean

I live in my own thoughts, chat to imaginary friends, and survive primarily on Snickers and Nescafe. I work full-time and study part-time for a BA in English Literature with the OU. Home is the North West of England, and my heroes are those authors that can make miracles out of paper and words…… “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” – Mark Twain.
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9 Responses to Haiku-a-day: day 38 of 365

  1. WanderingMind09 says:

    reminds me of my childhood in the school yard, after lunch. Thank you.


  2. Nicely written! And in addition to cloud watching, I used to imagine that I could jump and play on the clouds…and wonder if it would be like dancing on mounds of cotton candy…without the stickiness. 😉


  3. I agree with Julia. Duvet of cloud cover sounds wonderful!

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  4. Julia Manuel says:

    Duvet of cloud cover – sigh that’s heavenly.


  5. It’s lovely! 🙂


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