Haiku-a-day: day 15 of 365


Chocolate sponge cake?
Almond cake, as well?
Weight watchers? Hell, no!

Inspiration… My boss is due to leave on maternity leave, imminently. As part of her baby shower, she ordered copious amounts of cake; the left overs were brought into work, and yours truly had a couple of slices… yummy, yummy!

About Sean

I live in my own thoughts, chat to imaginary friends, and survive primarily on Snickers and Nescafe. I work full-time and study part-time for a BA in English Literature with the OU. Home is the North West of England, and my heroes are those authors that can make miracles out of paper and words…… “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” – Mark Twain.
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4 Responses to Haiku-a-day: day 15 of 365

  1. Choocolate Sponge Cake?
    Hell, yeah!


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